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Maps make the world tangible.

ILH provides information about new titles in various ways. There is the Weekly News, a weekly collection of new products like single maps or atlases. The GeoKartenbrief is published quarterly and contains new products from the Weekly News but also new sheets of map series or maps a little older, which were previously unavailable. GeoKartenbrief also contains map sheet indexes of larger series.

Thus it is a substantial collection of available titles. It is arranged according to the geographical and thematical classification of the formerly printed GeoKatalog 2 and can be used as a digital update to the GeoKatalog 2.

The Special Sale is a monthly collection of maps, atlases and books, which are out of print but can be bought from the ILH warehouse at a reduced price. The availability of those titles is highly limited.

Previously sent newsletters can be found in our archive.

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