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All items contained in GeoKatalog 2 can be ordered from Internationales Landkartenhaus (ILH). GeoKatalog 2 was either sent to you in the past or it can be found in Universities, map collections, libraries as well as in bookshops with extensive map assortment.
Nowadays you will find the information digitally in our newsletters: For the most recent published titles, please have a look at our weekly selection list. You will receive the articles you order immediately from our stocks, or we will procure them for you from any country.

Please note that all publications related to leisure and tourism are distributed by our mother company GeoCenter Touristik Medienservice GmbH: GeoCenter

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For new customers we reserve the right to request advance payment. In this case you will receive a proforma invoice (in advance). We will deliver the maps on receipt of your payment. You can choose from two payment options (open pdf):

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For your convenience, many services are available on standing order base. If you place a firm standing order we will automatically send you each new volume. The standing order ensures that you receive each volume upon publication and your series will be complete. To place a standing order please send us an email containing series name, the initial volume(s) and your institutional details including the contact person.
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