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Our Services at a Glance

Procurement of Titles

We can provide any map or geoscientific product from all over the world, just let us know if there is a publication of special interest to you that you can't find yourself.

On-Demand Research

Our daily business is steadily looking for and collecting new geoscientific publications from all over the world. If you request a certain topic, our team of elaborate and dedicated geographers and cartographers will research on it.

Library Services

We provide Standing Order services for libraries or institutions that would like to automatically stock up their map series whenever new titles of a series are available.

Distribution Service

We distribute for publishing companies from around the whole globe.
1How can I stay informed about new publications?
Please subscribe to our 'Weekly News' and "GeoKartenBrief" Newsletters.

In case of special interest areas, please let us know.
2How often do you send out the GeoKartenbrief?
Quarterly, i.e. four times a year
3Are you shipping worldwide?
Yes, unless required otherwise, we are shipping worldwide using the DHL express delivery. For more information, please visit our How-to-Order page.
4Which methods of payments do you accept?
You can either pay by bank transfer or use credit card. For more information, please visit our 'How to order' page.
5Are you also offering georeferencing services?
Yes we do.
6Besides print products, do you also offer digital maps?
Yes, we have a big database comprising digital sheet indexes and maps.

GeoKartenbrief 1/2024

This publication is distributed tertially. It informs about new maps, atlases and books comprising all subjects of different areas of geography.

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